Car Diffusers and Car Diffuser Refills

Car Diffuser Instructions: (Included with diffuser)

  1. Remove lid and plastic stopper then replace lid.
  2. Tip bottle over for 2-3 seconds to allow scent to soak into lid.
  3. Replace plastic stopper & wooden lid to avoid spillage which may cause damage.
  4. Hang with laces and repeat steps 1-3 to refreshen scent.
  5. Keep away from eyes, face, children, pets, furniture and surfaces.

Car Diffuser Refill Instructions:

  1. Place the car diffuser on a non-porous surface (such as a kitchen worktop or glass table).
  2. Remove the plastic cap from your refill bottle and use the funnel to carefully pour the fragrance oil into the bottle.
  3. Remove the funnel and replace the wooden cap on the car diffuser, making sure to clean any spills from the bottle and surfaces.

*GloAmore is not liable for damages caused by a spilled diffuser oil. If you spill any diffuser oil, wipe away immediately with a cloth. By purchasing this product you release GloAmore from any liability. In the event that you receive a damaged item please message us so we can replace.