What makes your candles unique?

  • Our candles are crafted with utmost care using high-quality ingredients, and each one is infused with unique scents to create a delightful and distinct ambiance.

2. Are your candles eco-friendly?

  • Yes, we prioritize sustainability. Our candles are made with eco-friendly soy wax, ensuring a clean burn and minimal environmental impact.

3. How long do your candles burn?

  • The burn time varies depending on the size and type of the candle. Each product description includes an estimated burn time, providing a guide for your enjoyment.

4. Can I customize the scent of my candle or wax melt?

  • While we offer a variety of pre-made scents, we understand the desire for personalization. Contact us for custom scent options to create a candle or wax melt that suits your preferences.

5. How do I properly care for my candles to ensure the best burn?

  • Check the candle care instructions provided with your purchase. Trim the wick before each use, and allow the candle to burn long enough to create an even wax pool.

6. Are your room and linen sprays safe for sensitive skin?

  • Yes, our room and linen sprays are created with skin-friendly ingredients. However, we recommend avoiding direct contact with the skin and conducting a patch test if you have sensitivities.

7. Do you offer gift wrapping or personalized packaging?

  • Absolutely! We offer gift wrapping services, and you can add a personalized message during the checkout process to make your gift extra special.

8. Can I use your wax melts in any wax warmer?

  • Our wax melts are compatible with most standard wax warmers. Ensure your warmer is appropriate for wax melts, follow the instructions, and enjoy the fragrance.

9. What is the purpose of a candle wick cutter and snuffer?

  • A wick cutter ensures a clean and even burn by trimming the candle wick to the recommended length. A snuffer is used to extinguish candles without causing smoke or wax splatter.

10. Are your products cruelty-free? - Yes, we are committed to cruelty-free practices. Our products are not tested on animals, and we source ingredients from suppliers who share our ethical standards.

11. How often do you introduce new scents or products? - We regularly update our collection with new scents and products. Stay connected through our newsletter and social media channels to be the first to know about our latest offerings.